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A No-Pressure Blog

I already have a blog. And I have had that blog for a long time. Before that, I had other blogs. The first blog started in 2005 (hopefully you’re not able to read Norwegian). There is some good content out there I think. Some in Norwegian, some specific to a co-founded business of mine, and some detailed posts on programming concepts and languages.

But over the years, the posts I write for work about business development or information posts have gotten more and more frequent, and the posts I write solely for myself have become less so. I don’t know why that is, but at some point, I think I started thinking I had to have some sort of message for every blog post I wrote – the usual illusion of grandeur stuff.

Here is the thing though; I like writing. But I need to reset some structures and expectations for myself on writing stuff. Now I’m making it sound like I am the next Jon Fosse. I’m not. Nor am I a very gifted writer. But I enjoy it and I often use it as an activity of leisure. So like so many before me, I aim to fix this adaptive mental problem, with a technical one. I’m starting this new blog. On this blog, I will write whatever technical or social thing that comes to mind, without any expectations on quality or message. Who knows. Maybe I’ll even post the photographs that I’m the least unhappy with.

Take it for what it is; A no-pressure blog.

A side note: This blog was created in Astro and set up with low effort using one of many great templates linked to on the Astro documentation page. The one I’m using now is called astro-theme-resume and is again based on other templates and designs. See the Github repo for the full list of credits.

Ironic yet non-ironic self-portrait of Mikael Brevik
Mikael Brevik

Developer with ironic self-portrait (but also non-ironic as I actually worked really hard on growing that poor mustache and had to shave it right after to be taken seriously out in the public).

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