Mikael Brevik


Open Source developer, aspiring technical speaker, programming enthusiast and avid internet surfer. Maintainer of Omniscient.js/immstruct, organizer of meetup and Norwegian Podcast host.

Monthly Podcasts

  1. BartJS Podcast: Host for monthly podcast

Weekly Video Series

  1. Kodesnutt.io: YouTube Channel

Video Presentations

  1. Breaking the Fourth Wall With JavaScript

  2. Frontend Anno 2016: Exploration and Iteration
  3. Frontend Anno 2016: Exploration and Iteration
  4. Functional UIs and Unidirectional Dataflow
  5. Functional Reactive Programming and Bacon
  6. (NO) Introduksjon til Functional Reactive Programming i JavaScript

Open Source Projects

  1. Omniscient.js
  2. Immstruct
  3. node-notifier
  4. proxy-fun
  5. babel-plugin-transform-react-require
  6. marked-terminal


  1. Functional UI and Components as Higher Order Functions
  2. ES2015 (ES6) Features Commonly Used with Functional Style React
  3. Scaling Frontend Build Steps By Necessity
  4. Easier UI Reasoning with Unidirectional Dataflow and Immutable Data
  5. Functional Reactive Programming
  6. Making a Collaborative Piano Using Functional Reactive Programming
  7. Domain Semi-Independent Short Message Sentiment Classification

Slide Presentation

  1. Skalere frontendbygg etter behov
  2. Functional UIs
  3. Making a clapper using Web Audio API
  4. ECMAScript 6: Destructuring
  5. Instant data med Javascript Streams